Friday, January 11, 2008

Cancer Update 1

The following was taken from Sean's MySpace...

Just wanted to give some updates throughout this whole thing for those who care. As most of you know I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Kind of a shock to me because my only symptom was back pain from the cancerous lymph nodes in my back being swollen.

Well today I finally got into the urologist. He had a look and a feel of the old boys and finally someone felt what they think is the mass. He had another doctor come in as well that agreed. So then he took me into the another room and showed me the images from my CT scan. What I saw was pretty disturbing. For the last while I've had kind of a bump in my abdomen. I thought I had just gained a few pounds because that's what it looks like. After looking at the images we learned that it's a huge cancerous mass of crap inside me. It's bigger than some of my major organs and its pushing all of them around. It's putting all kinds of pressure on my stomach and is the reason I've been feeling sick after eating normal amounts of food for the past couple weeks. With the way the doctor was talking and the way the images looked I got really dizzy and almost blacked out there in the room.

So we got back into the other room and I laid down and started to feel better and get my color back. Damn cancer is making me weak. Anyways, I calmed down when Dr. Childs explained that it doesn't make much of a difference treatment wise and that my chances are still really good. I feel confident but that mass is scary. So I'm pretty far advanced and it's classified as at least high stage 2 and possibly stage 3 cancer. Dr. Childs wants to get it out of there ASAP so I'm scheduled for surgery tomorrow to remove my rightie. It should be a fairly simple surgery and I'll be okay but I could be starting chemo as soon as next week. That's when the real hell begins.

I went to a sperm bank today too to save some swimmers in case the chemo makes me infertile. Word of advice to anyone doing such a thing, don't have your mother with you! So awkward. It's awkward enough being thrown into a room with a cup and a Playboy as it is. You don't need your mother sitting in the other room waiting.

The doctors also tell me that I have to drop my classes for this semester and I'm really bummed about that because I'm behind in school already. They say I'll be too sick to do anything. Anyways, that's update 1. Thanks for the support.

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