Friday, January 11, 2008

The First Update

I am trying to pass along information regarding Sean so that Taffy doesn't have to take so many calls. Sean's cancer is stage 3-B or 4, and Taffy's beside herself. (It's in his lungs too, they're not sure about the brain yet.) Jeff is flying up tonight or tomorrow for a week so he can be with Sean during his first chemo treatments. Jeff has indicated he will shave his head to offer support to Sean, but I told Taffy to make sure Jeff's bosses are okay with that...

Taffy is seriously considering dropping out of school, which would mean dropping out for the year, since each term of school falls at a specific time of year. (It would also mean she might forget some of what she's learned by the time she gets back to it.) Jeff, Sean, Grandpa and Lowell all think that she should stay in school (each for various reasons), but I can understand Taffy's desire to be home more so she can help care for Sean.

Sean starts chemo Monday. Prayers, help for their family (occasional meals, etc.) might be a good idea. Anyway, I told Taffy I would notify family.


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Melanie Whiting said...

I am so SORRY!! Thanks for keeping us updated. You are in our prayers and our thoughts!! Good luck with your Chemo.

Love Melanie