Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Headshaving Pictures

Well, Sunday January 27 rolled around and as much as we had been expecting it, it was still a huge shock when Sean found a bunch of his hair in the sink. It was even more of a shock to see how much hair he could pull out without even trying.

He decided to trim his hair that morning so it wouldn't be so obvious that his hair had begun to fall out so we shaved it down pretty short. Then today, Monday January 28, his facial hair started to go and he decided it would be best if he just shaved his head completely so that he wouldn't have to shed for the next few days.

We went out and bought some shaving cream, a razor, and got to work (see pictures).

It was a sad thing to do but we tried to have some fun with it. I just keep reminding him to tell himself that his is all a temporary situation and that his hair WILL grow back. He really doesn't even look bad with his head shaved! We bought him a couple of beanies (hats) at the mall earlier last week so that he doesn't have to walk around town with his head shaved. They will do very well in keeping his head warm too. So, I think he's doing pretty well right now....he just misses his hair!



Annban10 said...

I think the bald look is great on Sean! I wouldn't even think that he didn't do it on purpose!
It's nice!!!

Melanie Whiting said...

I agree, I like your head bald. Of course in our family bald is in. Kevin and Scott are bald on purpose. So you really fit!! Thanks for keeping us updated. We are praying for you and think you are awesome!! Karen so are you!! What a trooper to help be a great supporter for Sean. You are beautiful!! Love you Melanie

M & M said...

Work it baby, work it!

taff said...

You're still as cute as ever!

taff said...

I can't believe Karen would shave a Y into your hair!

JeffM said...

Oh Yes...I'll be joining the club soon Sean, so keep those sheers sharp for when I come home in 2 weeks! Love ya Pal, POPS

Anonymous said...

Plz know we ALL are thinking about you AND praying for you EVERY DAY!!! You ARE a fighter and a wonderful example to us all how fast life changes and how strong a person can be...YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH for ALL you do for Sean and our family..I can't say THANK YOU enough...PLZ know how much we ALL appreciate you...All our love to you both..Sean, PLZ STAY STRONG!!!
Aunt Laura and the ENTIRE Martella Family

Anonymous said...

Sean, I just wanted to tell you that I had a dream that I needed to tell you everything was going to be ok and to ask you to read The Book Of Mormon again and that you would get great strength and comfort from reading it again...
I don't mean to preach to you, (that's the last thing you need is someone preaching right now) and I know you read it many times on your mission but I am just delivering a message that I was told to do. I know you will beat this thing. You have a very large family and we all love you and we have faith and know that you will beat this....Love, Uncle Greg