Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Clarification

Just to clarify, when we say that Sean's cure rate is now only at 30% that means that he has a 30% chance of being cured from this treatment, NOT a 70% chance that he will die in the next 2 months. Sean is NOT going to die in the next 2 months. IF, God forbid, these treatments do not cure him, the doctors will come up with a plan to control his cancer and to prolong his life as much as possible....which could very well be a very long time.

SO, Sean has a 30% chance of leaving Indianapolis 100% cured, which according to Dr. Chandramouli, are still pretty good odds when you look at it from the perspective that if he had any other type of cancer, it would be much closer to 0%.

I hope this helps ease your minds.


Timbra said...

thanks for the clarification, I WAS a little concerned about what that % meant this AM. Lots of thoughts and prayers, we'll be checking this for updates.


Hi Sean,

My name is Trey. I actually found you through Timba. I just wanted to let you know I'm praying for you. Hang in there. Believe it or not, I know how you feel. I battled TC about 5 years ago. It wasn't fun. Here's my story if you want to read it.