Sunday, October 5, 2008

Update from Indianapolis

It's been an interesting week for Sean and I. We arrived in Indianapolis on Monday evening in one piece! We were picked up by Ed and Teresa Major and they have generously allowed us to use their empty condo and extra vehicle while we're out here which has been such a huge blessing to us. We also were able to meet a friend of Ed and Teresa's named Faith. She was able to take time this week to show me how to get to the hospital and cancer center where Sean would be doing his treatments, the grocery store, the church, and other things around the town. What another amazing blessing!

Sean had his appointment with Dr. Einhorn on Tuesday afternoon and it went very well, as you all know by now. He was admitted to the Simon Cancer Center for chemotherapy on Wednesday and was released this afternoon. Fortunately this round of chemotherapy hasn't had the awful effects on Sean that the first treatments did. I think that we were able to learn from the last experience and pass along that information to the doctors and nurses here in Indiana which helped keep Sean feeling alright. He is on some anti-nausea medication that has made him very cloudy and very sleepy so he's been asleep for most of the past few days. It's definitely good that he gets to rest though and I'm glad that the medicine seems to be working for him. I was able to stay with him at the hospital this week during his treatments. They have a very nice set up at the cancer center--there was a couch in the room that turned into a bed, better food than usual hospital cafeterias, and family rooms/common areas with fireplaces, aquariums, puzzles, and books. Sean's room even had a nice LG flatscreen tv that he played Xbox on while he was lying in bed. The room that he was in also had a DVD player and a fridge which was a big plus for me. :)

Another blessing came to us in the form of a job opportunity for me. A man who attends the same church as Ed and Teresa heard about our situation and was able to hire me to do work for him at his pharmacy, where I will work 1-2 days per week. We are very thankful for this help and for all of the different kinds of help that we have been receiving from so many others who care so much for us. We appreciate it so much!

Sean has a big of a break from treatment over the next 2 and a half weeks. After the break is over they will start the stem cell transplant. Kathy is planning on coming to visit in a few weeks, as are my parents. Bonus: Sean will have another break from treatment after his first stem cell transplant is complete which will allow us to come home for 2 weeks for Thanksgiving!!! We're looking forward to seeing everyone when we come home! Double Bonus: Sean will be done with his treatments and feeling well enough to come home around the 14th of December so we'll be home for Christmas. Yay!!

Thanks again to everyone who has been praying for us and for all of the help, financial, or otherwise that you all have given us. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and we'll see you all at home soon!


yanping said...

hi karen and sean, everyone here is thinking of you and praying for you. we love you. hope to see you home soon!

Tayster said...

Great news. Glad things are going well for you guys.

And it's an added bonus that Oakland didn't play yesterday, so they couldn't lose. :)

Terry Holland said...

Hi Karen & Sean, I'm glad to see things are going your way. I'm glad you are doing well in a town that you're not familiar with. You're right, what a blessing to all of the people that have been helping. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and Sean. take care sweetie. love you lots, aunt Terry.

Ann Marie said...

I am grateful to see blessings surrounding you both as you are going through this. Life is full of Angels, and it sounds like you have had many helping you along the way. Thanks for all of the good news! ~ Ann

Kofi Jamal said...

Hey!!! Sorry for yelling. I'm just happy you are doing ok. My thoughts and prayers are with you bro and your lady. Stay STRONG!

Keep rocking and see you sooner than later!