Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Update from Indy 3

Sean's stem-cell harvest went very well on Monday. They were able to collect enough of what they needed so that he didn't have to go back for a second day of harvest. Sean was admitted to the Simon Cancer Center this morning and will be staying as an in-patient until he is recovered and well enough to go home. By that time it will be about time for him and I to come home for Thanksgiving! We're looking forward to it! The doctors here have him on a special diet which has him restricted to basically hospital food oCheck Spellingr packaged food from the store. He can't have any home-made or take-out food because of the risk of getting food poisoning or a bacterial infection. He can still have visitors as long as they aren't sick and he can eat/drink anything that has been packaged/sealed. Thanks for all of you who are thinking of us and praying for us. We're excited to see Jeff and Kathy in a couple of days and to get this treatment over with!


Ruwan said...

I just saw your post on xbox team forum today and it caught my interest b/c Im a nurse that work in 60% of the people that I see are suffering from some type of a cancer related to the GI tract.

Personally I like the fact that you take a look at the situation a lot more realistically than a lot of other patients that I see.
I hope that you get well soon..

Nukem said...

Sorry my message got cut off somehow. I meant to say that I'm a nurse that work in a unit that deals with issues related to GI tract. And about 60% of the patients that I see are suffering from some type of a cancer related to the GI tract.

Elaine said...

Sean & Karen,

Hang in there. We miss you and hope all is going as well as it can. We love you and are praying for Sean's quick recovery.

Quique Hemp said...

Hey there gamer!

I go by the GT: (you again) on Xbox live.

I'm no doctor but do know a thing or two about the immune system.

Have your family members get informed on essential fatty acids, they are also known as omega fatty acids. They are essential because our bodies cannot produce them.

So you can have an idea of how important they are think of this: More then 60% of our brain is made up of fats, the omega fatty acids. Specifically the omega type-3 fatty acid.

Even more, when a pregnant woman is in the gestation period, the baby's brain and central nervous system require high amounts of omegas for a healthy development. If the mother's diet is poor on omegas, the baby will rip the mother's reserve and leave her with potential postpartum depression.

Omegas regulate growth, help in oxygen delivery at a cellular level and are needed in every bit of chemical process that goes inside of your body.

Fats are the second most abundant substance in our bodies after water.

Not having omegas in your diet translates to:

intestinal problems
etc, etc, etc...

Cancer is the formation of a group of abnormal cells (free radicals) that can spread and cause damage by oxidizing healthy cells.

You need high amounts of antioxidants(agents that prevent, stop and/or retards cell ogidation)

Those antioxidants are also known as vitamins. Know if you are buying vitamins don't buy them anywhere else then a Health Food Store.

Fruits that will help you recover:
1.Acai - a brazilian fruit, the highest in antioxidants

*If you can find liquid supplements that got antioxidants from these fruits, consider them.

Also, if you have no problem with coconuts, coconut water, milk and oil are immune supporters. Think of this: There are two saturate fatty acids mothers will pass on to their babies through breast milk because of the anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties these two fats have. These fats are caprylic acid and lauric acid. If you want to know how harmless they are just look at the Infant formula’s ingredients :)

Both Annamu and Llanten herbs will help you produce interferon, which helps the body get rid of abnormal/damaged cells.

Clorophil is the vegetables blood and will clean your kidneys. This means you get a cleaner blood.

You need to look at Pro-biotics, acidophilus. These are the good bacteria that promote healthy intestinal flora balance.

80% of your immune system is in the intestines.



Avoid: Lactose(cows milk), Soy, colorants, artificial preservatives, sweeteners and flavorings.

Well that's just the beginning but it sets you in the wright way. If you have any ?s just send me an e-mail at:

Or if you got Xbox Live send me a msg to my GT: you again

Blessings to you young man,