Thursday, July 30, 2009

Good News!

Sean was doing much better today than yesterday. He hasn't actually been on pain medication for several days and he was able to keep food down (the hospital gave him terriyaki chicken!) and his nausea under control. They decided he was well enough to go home so they discharged him today around 6:00 pm. Before we left the hospital though, the nurse showed me how to give him his lovenox shots. Sean didn't think he could give them to himself (something about stabbing himself with a needle.....whatever...) so I learned how to do it for him. I have to give him 2 shots a day in his stomach. I've never suck a needle in anyone before and it was a very strange feeling to give him the shot! I'll get used to it though, just like everything else, and who knows--maybe it will desensitize me enough to the point where I'll believe I actually could puruse a nursing degree. Anyway, they also removed the stables in Sean's incision and it looks like it's still healing properly. We'll definitely keep a close watch on it though to make sure there's no infection. He does have a minor bladder infection and was sent home on some antibiotics to take care of that. So the only two medications he was sent home on were the antibiotic and the blood-thinner which is a welcome change to his usual pain/nausea medication. He's still going to take it easy for a while--no work or heavly lifting for a few more weeks, but he'll be able to drive again soon and he's even thinking he'll be up for an outing to see Harry Potter tomorrow. Tonight, though, we both get to sleep in our own bed for the first time in 3 weeks! Sean has a follow-up appointment with Dr. Chandramouli in a week and we'll go over thinks to do with his surgery and cancer updates at that appointment so we'll be sure to post again after that.

Thanks to the visitors who came to spend some time with Sean in the hospital. We had a lot of wonderful support from both of our families, our friends, and our church family. The staff at the hospital was great and we felt like he was in good hands the whole time. As good as it was though, we're hoping to never go back!!


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