Friday, July 10, 2009

Surgery Dates and Weekend Getaways

Since we have been in Indianapolis we have been trying to get everything squared away with my surgery. It has been a difficult process. Some of the people that we were working with were not being very cooperative. We have been having a good time though. We have had some good times with Ed and Teresa Major at their home. We went out to dinner with Mike and Faith Toole.

We finally were able to get things set up for the surgery. It's going to be this Wednesday the 15th at 9:00AM. I have an appointment the day before to meet with the surgeon and do some bloodwork. It turns out that Dr. Foster is too busy to do my surgery in a reasonable time frame so his colleague Dr. Stephen Beck is going to do it. He works with Dr. Einhorn as well and is definitely qualified to do it. Dr. Chandramouli and Dr. Einhorn are satisfied with doing it on Wednesday.

In the meantime Karen's mother is staying with us in Indianapolis. She was on business in Dayton, OH and was able to take some time off to be with us. We are all staying at Ed and Teresa Major's place and are extremely grateful to them for all that they've done for us. The Tooles and the Brownsburg Church of Christ have been amazing as well. Karen's mom wanted us to do something fun over the weekend so we left for Chicago today. We are doing some sightseeing and other fun things. Chicago is a fun city. Tonight we went to the Naperville river walk and saw some of the places where Karen's mom grew up. We will back in Indianapolis on Monday night.

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