Sunday, August 9, 2009

Latest Chandramouli Appointment

Sean went in for an appointment with Dr. Chandramouli on Friday and everything went as expected as far as the news that we got. He said that he had read the reports and notes and everything from Sean's visit in Indiana and also from his stay at Intermountain Medical Center. He said that Dr. Einhorn had emailed him about what he'd like Sean to have done from this point on so the official plan is for Sean to go in once a month to have his blood drawn and his levels checked (with reports on those levels about a week later) and then have office visits with Dr. Chandramouli once every 2 months. Dr. Einhorn and Dr. Chandramouli also want him to have CT scans and chest x-rays every 4 months. All of this will continue for the next year, with August being the first month. Sean had labs drawn at his visit on Friday and Dr. Chandramouli said he'd be out of the office this coming week but that Sean can call into the office around Wednesday and talk to his physician assistant, Rick, to get the results. We already know that if the results are normal, then he will go in for his blood-draw appointment (no visit with the doc, only pokes from the nurses) in September, followed by another blood-draw and office visit with Dr. Chandramouli in October. If, God forbid, his levels are not back to normal by now or if they ever rise again, he will have to do a salvage chemotherapy treatment. We're praying with all of our heart and soul that it won't come to that because, other than drug studies and experimental treatments, there's nothing more they can offer him in terms of a cure. With every treatment that he faces (and in his particular situation, has undergone), his chances of a cure decrease significantly. Sean and I have been through hell and everything else together and you all have been there supporting us through the entire thing and we're so appreciative of the love that we've been shown by our friends and family through these last 20 months. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we await Sean's test results. We'll update as soon as we hear what his levels are.


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Anonymous said...

You are in our thoughts and prayers ALWAYS...Thank you so much for all of the love that the both of you have shown to eachother!!!! We Love You...Aunt Laura, Grandpa Martella, Aunt Debbie and the rest of the family here in TN.