Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Study On My Chemo Regimen


Check that address out for an interesting read. The regimen I am on is only slightly different and it's considered a little bit more effective. I think I am a prime candidate for this kind of chemotherapy regimen. I've read that people who can achieve remissions from platinum based chemotherapies have greater results when taking Gemzar/Taxol. My body is extremely responsive to platinum based chemo so I could very well be one of the people that responds to this treatment.

I remain hopeful.

EDIT: I updated the slideshow with some different photos.


Shana said...

Thanks for the info--- I was just looking over your pictures and read your story on the side and it is much like my husband. He had both of those surgeries done as well and his stomach looks just like yours. I am so sorry for what you are going through!!
I know that he would love to talk to you if you have the desire...His e-mail is jhgardner@energysolutions.com
Please feel free to contact him. He knows your condition and what you are going through. Sometimes it is nice to have someone to relate to.
Shana Gardner

Andy and Michelle said...

Sean, You are in our prayers!!! Stay strong!!

Andy and Michelle Pitcher