Monday, November 30, 2009

Delayed Treatment

Today I went in for the last dose of my second cycle and the doctors refused to treat me. My white count was good enough but my platelets were not. I tried to fight it but they wouldn't have it. This is extremely frustrating and discouraging to me. I've always been told and have read on my own that delaying treatment with testicular cancer is a serious thing because of how fast moving this cancer is compared to other kinds. I think they are treating me like they treat people with those other kinds of cancer and that's unfortunate. Especially because this is likely to happen again on the rest of my cycles. I've e-mailed Dr Einhorn because I know what he has told me about delaying treatments. He doesn't do it in almost every circumstance. We'll see what he has to say. If he's not on my side, I guess I'll just be out of luck.

I know several people who get platelet transfusions, blood transfusions, or white blood cell infusions whenever they need them. I don't understand why I can't get them as well. Oh well, I didn't get to talk to Dr Chandramouli about it so maybe I will do that tomorrow. I'm not ready to give up yet, so I can't let the doctors give up on me either.

On a brighter note, Thanksgiving was great. Karen and I got to have two big dinners and spend lots of time with our families. I had relatively no nausea or lack of appetite so I got to stuff myself good. The Utes and Raiders lost, which was disappointing. Well, that's the word for now.

EDIT: Dr. Einhorn had this to say:
"We try not to reduce or delay therapy when patients are getting BEP as their initial chemo. However, it is often necessary to alter doses and timing AFTER a patient has gone thru transplant as they have slower recoveries from chemo.I am delighted that your AFP is responding favorably."

I guess I've just got to deal with it and hope that things work out anyways. I'm going to push harder for platelet and red/white blood cell transfusions to help though.


Kathy said...

Keep fighting pal. Everything will be okay and you'll kick the cancer even with this turn of events. It sounds like Dr. Einhorn is still optimistic so that's awesome! Love you!

Jan said...

You have such great will and determination!! My Mother struggles from low platelets and there are so many things to do to get them back up,(she is 79 and has mds) She has done several different things over the past couple of years: transfusions, steroids, a type of shot (?) , and last week she did a couple of days of some kind of IV medicine that got them back up. I hope they start you on something soon. Keep fighting you are a winner all the way!! Our prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Sean, YOU ARE A FIGHTER AND EVERYTHING WILL BE OK!!! It sounds like the Dr. just thinks your body is needing a little rest and needs to let the chemo/treatments catch up...WE ALL LOVE YOU...You are ALL in our prayers and thouhts!
Sending BIG HUGS your way,
Love you,
Aunt Laura