Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Latest Update from Sean

Hey, haven't posted an update in a while. I thought I'd try to put one together. Last week I spent Monday through Friday at the cancer center getting my first full week of chemotherapy. On each day they gave me have the Atropaside (sp?) and the Cisplatin. On Tuesday they also gave me Bleomycin. Throughout the week they also administered some IV drugs to prevent nausea.

Monday through Thursday I was pretty feeling pretty well. On Friday things took an unfortunate turn and I was pretty nauseous. It's been starting to hit me around 4:00 PM. It lasts pretty late sometimes. I've been prescribed something like 10 anti-nausea/pain medicines since and none of them were working at all. I was also taking these steroids on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday that supposedly help with nausea prevention. They also give you an appetite boost and help to kill cancerous cells. I'm thinking now that those were a part of my problem. I've been having these things that I call the 'chemo hiccups'. They're pretty painful and they feel like fire shooting up through my body. It is similar to heartburn but much more intense. They are definitely not fun.

Saturday was my worst day. I was feeling pretty trashed from the moment I woke up but I just wanted to wait it out like I have been. I was struggling most of the day and in quite a bit of pain. Karen got home from work in the evening and at that point my pain was beyond belief. It was a wrenching kind of feeling in my stomach that was just making me writhe in pain. I couldn't sit straight, my eyes were watering, and I can't really describe it very well other than to say that it was the worst pain I've ever experienced. I didn't want to go but we ended up in the ER that night. They got me some morphine, a lot of fluids, and some nausea medications that fixed me up. Sorry for the bum nature of this update so far but I figure you all want to know what is going on even if it isn't pretty. I'm somewhat of a medical anomaly it seems because my body just isn't taking too well to any of the conventional anti-nausea and pain remedies for cancer patients. It happens sometimes though.

Since Saturday things have been somewhat better. I'm still pretty sick on and off but I may have found an anti-nausea medicine that helps a little. It is the pill form of the drug Zophran. When coupled with my Loritab prescription it seems to give me some relief. Hopefully it keeps working for me. The next week or two should get better though because I'm not on the Cisplatin again for a while. That is the main cause of all the nausea.

The good news is that my back pain is still gone. It gives me a lot of confidence in what the chemotherapy is doing to the cancer. My stomach also feels less firm and distended. I take that to mean that the tumor in there is shrinking. The cancer is going away, I'm sure of it. I go in for an MRI on my brain on Thursday just to make sure that the cancer isn't in my brain. As I said before I don't think it is and neither do the doctors. Nevertheless it will be a relief to know for sure.

Thanks again for all the thoughts, prayers, and support. I love you all and I'm sorry if anyone feels like I'm neglecting them throughout all this. I don't mean to if it ever comes across that way. I'm going to keep on updating when I can. 11 more weeks to go and I'm cancer free. Then I need a vacation.

Love, Sean


Shana said...

I don't know you, but I am friends with your cousin Heather. I am so sorry to hear about all of this!! Heather told me about you because my husband went through the same exact thing you are going through last year at this time. It makes me sad to hear about your situation because I know how hard it is. Just keep having a positive attitude and hopefully it will get you by. You can beat it!!! We did. Jake (my husband) has been cancer-free since last April. He was on the exact same drugs as you. Keep up the good work and think positive. It will help. If you need anything, I am sure my husband would love to talk to you. I think Heather gave you his number. GOOD LUCK!!!! I will keep reading this for updates.

Anonymous said...

Sean, I know today starts a new set of chemo treatments. PLEASE know that we are ALL thinking and praying for your strength to get through these treatments so you can kick this cancers butt....Thank you Karen for ALL of your help too...WE ALL LOVE YOU, Aunt Laura