Saturday, November 29, 2008

Round 2

Hey everyone, sorry we haven't posted in a while. Sean and I just got back into Indy after a nice 2-week vacation back home for Thanksgiving. It was really good for us to be able to go back home and stay in our house and be with our family and friends for a while. Now it's crunch time! Sean is starting his second round of high-dose chemo today but they haven't quite got him started. He was admitted to the hospital this morning though so we've just been waiting for them to get everything together. He's doing fine as of today--no complaints healthwise. We're hoping that this treatment goes as well as the last one did for him but we'll be ready for whatever happens. We're planning on being home around the 14th of December so continue to keep us in your prayers. Sean's last treatments were very successful-Dr. Einhorn saw us and told us that his AFP levels are back down to a normal range and said that he's hopeful that this second treatment will finish everything off for good. That's what we're hoping for! We'll try and do a better job of keeping everyone posted. Thanks to everyone for all of their help and support. We couldn't have done any of this without you.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Karen & Sean, We tried reaching you while you were in Utah but we could only leave messages. I'm sorry we were not able to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Seany, we DID talk about your Mothers "yummy orange rolls" and we were wishing we had some of them....mmmmm !!! We love you VERY MUCH! Please know we ALL pray for you both and ALL of our families every day! ALL OUR LOVE, Your East Coast MARTELLA FAMILY