Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Round 2 Update

Well, Sean completed his last days of high-dose chemo. We're hoping and praying that another drop of chemo will never have to enter his body. He's felt sick from day 1 but with medication and rest he's been pulling through. He's been on a break yesterday and today and tomorrow he'll receive his stem-cell transplant. Probably towards the weekend he'll start to feel even worse as the chemo has a cumulative effect.

Dr. Einhorn stopped by on Monday and gave us an update on his blood levels and it looks like the cancer levels are still at a safe, normal level. Dr. Einhorn told us that at some point next week Sean will have another abdominal CT scan to check to see if the tumors in his liver are gone and to see if there are any enlarged lymph nodes. The results of the CT scan will determine whether we will get to go home when we planned or not. Most likely, everything will be clear but the worst case scenario would be that he would have to undergo the same abdominal lymph-node dissection that he had previously this summer in order to clear out any enlarged lymph nodes. Let's pray that doesn't have to happen!

Again, thanks for keeping us in your prayers and thoughts. We're almost done!


Elaine said...

Hang in there Sean and Karen. We love you both and keep you in our prayers. It was good to see you at Thanksgiving and look forward to Christmas. You'll beat this yet.

Kathy said...

Thinking about you both and wishing that Dad and I could be there to play UNO or Yahtzee with you! Get the perfume ready Karen, and stem cells do your thing! Love you!

Miss Megan said...

Thanks for all the updates, they are much appreciated! Hang in there Sean - you can do it!!! :) Lots of love coming your way!