Thursday, July 2, 2009

Den Ständiga Resan

It seems like this never ends. No matter how many times I beat this thing down it comes back to fight some more. My blood results have come back and my AFP is once again elevated. I get my CT results today and I'll write a more technical blog with more details once I have them. I'm discouraged, but I always am at first when I get news like this. Give me a few days and I'll be ready to fight this thing to the death yet again.

I've been cancer free since December and it has been nice. I love the time I've been able to spend with Karen. I loved being able to go back to work, having hair again (even if it's blond), going back to school, and starting to feel in control of my life again. I even ran 2 full miles at the gym the other day.

If the results come back and show that my cancer is localized, surgery will be the best option. If it is more wide spread we go with a chemotherapy regimen of Taxol/Gemcitabine. That regimen is the last line of standard chemotherapy options that can provide a cure. It does not carry a very high chance of one but there is one nonetheless. If this regimen does not work, there are clinical trials out there that I will look into.

I don't know if this means back to Indiana or what. I'll update again later today. Den ständiga resan is Swedish by the way. It means 'the ongoing journey'. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Some day I'll know the reason for all of this.


Kare said...

I love you so much sweetheart. I'll be strong when you can't be, so you just worry about getting through all of this....again. You're the best person I know and I know that God has more in store for you than what we can only see now. Put your faith in Him, not in the doctors or in the drugs. He's there for you-remember that. I love you.

Austin said...

Hang in there Sean. This can only make you stronger.

Laura Martella-Steele said...

Sean, your wife said it all. Karen, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your love and devotion. You are married for "better or worse, in sickness and in health" ..... YOU HAVE BOTH certainly kept these promises that you made to eachother. WE LOVE YOU! Our prayers and thought are with ALL OF YOU!!! Love,
Aunt Laura & The rest of Martella Family