Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Details

The cancer appears to be localized to a single lymph node in my abdomen. It has grown 5.5 mm, which is something like the length of a pinky nail. We are doing a PET scan on Monday to make sure that it's only in that spot. If the CT scan is correct, I'll be going to Indiana and getting another RPLND surgery. This time the surgeon will be Dr. Foster. He is the best in the world at performing this surgery. Hopefully when I get sewn up this time the craters left from the infection will get fixed too.
I don't know when we will be going to Indiana but it will likely be very soon. We shouldn't be there that long since I don't think I'm doing any chemotherapy. Dr. Einhorn is the man with the plan though. He may have things in mind that I don't know about so I'll keep everyone updated.

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