Thursday, July 16, 2009

Post-Op Day 1

Sean's surgery yesterday went very well and nothing unexpected happened. The surgery took a long time but when they finally got him up to his room and we were able to be with him again everything was good. He was out of it for most of the evening yesterday but was awake and talking with me for a bit during the later evening and also early this morning. The hospital room that he's in (IU Medical Center Room # 6671W) is a semi-private room with nowhere for me to sleep overnight so I slept in a chair next to his bed. Not the most comfortable set-up,but it was well worth it.

Sean was able to have the tube that was going down his nostril into his stomach taken out this morning and they are going to start him on some sips of liquids this afternoon and they think he may be able to eat a normal diet sometime tomorrow evening. He was able to get out of bed this morning as well and sit up in a chair for about 15 minutes. He's still very fatigued and sore from the surgery but we've been able to keep his pain under control and keep him hydrated with IV fluids. We're still anticipating him being discharged on Sunday and I just got our plane tickets to go home. We'll be back home on Thursday, July 23.

He looks really good though. He's his usual self when he's awake which is nice to see. I'll update the blog again when we have more info to share with everyone. Thanks and love you all!



Timbra said...

Glad to hear there was nothing unexpected, lots of people praying for you guys and thinking of you. . . coming home just in time for the holiday huh? wouldn't want to miss that! See you soon!

Tongue Tied... said...

Thats so good. I am glad it went well. Hang in there you two. You guys are both amazing "troopers".