Friday, July 17, 2009

Post-Op Day 2

Sean is doing well again today. Last night he had a little bit of trouble with his dilauded medication losings its effectiveness. Sean has always had a high tolerance for pain medications and so we knew that we'd need to have them switch him to something else. He was switched onto a morphine PCA (the machine that lets him press the button to self-medicate through his IV) and he was just fine after that. This morning the Dr.'s put him on a "full-liquid" diet and he tried some coke and chocolate pudding. He got up and walked around a little bit today and has had his catheter removed so that lets him be more mobile. He has a friend that found this blog online who is here at the same hospital undergoing the high-dose chemo/stem cell transplant therapy that Sean finished last December so Sean hopped in a wheelchair and I took him down a floor to see Nick. Sean's resting now but I think he plans on eating more and getting out of bed a few more times before the day is up. Everything's looking well, and we're still on schedule to be discharged on Sunday.


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