Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Taxol/Gemzar Cycle 1 Treatment 3

Sean had his 3rd treatment of his first cycle last Friday, October 30. I wasn't able to be there with him but he said it basically went the same as the others. He didn't meet with Dr. Chandramouli that day or with Rick though. His white blood cell counts were up due to the neupogen shots he had had during the week and he was able to go out with Kathy (his mom) after his treatment and get lunch and visit. His platelet counts were low which causes him a good deal of fatigue but they weren't low enough for him to receive a blood transfusion.

Friday night he felt pretty sick and needed to take several doses of his medications to help him feel better enough to sleep. He was up for a bit during the night and I was able to get up with him and make sure he got his medications. He did really well on Saturday though. He was able to be out shopping with me and we went to the Utes game that night as well. Sunday he was back to not feeling too well and had to take his meds throughout the day then too. Yesterday was like Sunday--he was able to get things done but wasn't feeling the best. Today he's been very tired due to his platelets being low still and Dr. Chandramouli asked him to come in today for a CBC panel. His white blood cell counts are back down which means his immune system is compromised again and he has had a low grade fever of around 99.1-99.4. Dr. Chandramouli asked him to start taking his levaquin antibiotic today to help fight off his fever and any infection he may have, but he thinks Sean's fatigue is caused mainly by the chemo and being somewhat low on his red blood cell counts. The doctor told me to watch for any changes in Sean's breathing (especially with all of the flu viruses going around these days--although he did get his seasonal flu shot this week) and if anything gets worse we'll need to take him to the ER. Right now he's sleeping and stable so hopefully he'll be able to get some rest this evening. He is scheduled to see Dr. Miller on Thursday who is the pain/fatigue management specialist within Dr. Chandramouli's group so maybe he can help figure out how to get Sean through the next 5 cycles. Sean's off of chemo this week--it's his break week, but he will meet with Rick on Friday for a follow up office visit to see how he's doing.

I'm very grateful for the doctors and other medical providers that are working with Sean as well as for everyone's continued prayers and encouragement. It feels like we're dealing with a lot here and we are but we get through it one day at a time. I'll try and post again once I have enough to update everyone on but for now things seem to be under control. We'll see how this evening going and go from there I guess! Thanks again for all of the love and prayers. We really need it...


P.S. Sean's hair started to fall out on Sunday but he hasn't shaved his head yet. It's going to be extra hard to part with the curls he's had. :(

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