Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well, I don't have a whole lot to report. Things are going much the same with the chemotherapy. It seems like the most my body can take is full dose on the first treatment, full dose on the second treatment, and 75% of both drugs on the third treatment. Then I get my week break and repeat the process. It's working well, and all of my markers are still normal. Karen and I are hoping for miracles this year. We still believe that things can go our way and that we can end this nightmare for good. I hope all of you who read this blog know how much I appreciate the love and support I have received from you. I look forward to the day when this can all be over and I can find a way to pay you all back in whatever way I can.

Love, Sean

PS: I love you Karen


Miss Megan said...

Hang in there Sean! We are all rooting for you to be healthy in 2010.

Kathy said...

2010 is going to be our year!!! You're still my hero! I love you! Mom

Andy and Michelle said...

We are thinking of you! Hope things go better this year!!

Andy,Michelle, and Noah Pitcher