Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sean the Paradox, the Enigma, the Conundrum Wrapped in a Mystery.

Dr. Chandramouli spoke to Dr. Einhorn on the phone and explained my elevated AFP and clean CT scan. I guess Dr. Einhorn's only response was "Hmmm....". It has come to the point that I am stumping the father of testicular cancer medicine. It's a little bit humorous if you can put the frightening part of it aside.

Anyways, I had the head CT and the jury is still out on that. It remains unlikely that it will show anything, but there is that remote possibility. Once I get that all clear we're hoping that Dr. Einhorn will have some course of action other than just waiting until it gets big enough to see on a CT.


Jan said...

I pray every night for you to beat this!

Anonymous said...

Seany, Thank you for keeping this updated. We can't imagine what you are all going thru. PLEASE know that we are all waiting, thinking and praying for you to beat the crap out of this cancer. Grandpa and I are very upset that we can't be there to show you our love and support...Love, Aunt Laura

Miss Megan said...

Mike and I did a fast for you and Uncle Lowell on Sunday. I hope the doctors can figure this all out soon....In the meantime, Tink happy thoughts! ;) Love you Sean! xoxo