Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Getting Ready to Go-NYC

Sean and I will be leaving for New York this Saturday Feb 27. We unfortunately were not able to get on with Corporate Angels as there were no available flights from Salt Lake to New York. The closest they could do was from Tuson to Boston so we had to pass on that but we'll keep them in mind for Sean's future flights. My mom, however, has to travel about 3 weeks out of the month for work and has accrued enough frequent flyer miles to get our tickets for this trip and then for a couple more for Sean's next few. We found a great hotel to stay at in the city as well located near JFK airport. Sean's dad, Jeff was kind enough to make some calls for us as he works with Hilton and was able to find the owner of this hotel and after hearing about our situation offered us an amazing rate for our stay. We're very appreciative of our families right now for the amazing ways they help us. Right now Sean's appointment for his first consultation is set for March 1 and Dr. Feldman's office is working on getting his tests scheduled for the week that we'll be there so that he can go ahead and start on the trial before we have to come home. We've had a few weeks of being on a "break", I guess you could call it, and we've recharged enough at least to handle this next step. Please continue to pray for us, however, as we have several things in our life going on right now and we will definitely benefit from everyone's continued support. We're keeping our chin's up and hoping for the best. There's just really no other alternative is there? Our next post should come next week after we meet with Dr. Feldman. We'll have more detail then on exactly what the study will entail and the details that go along with that. Thanks to everyone (again, especially to our families) for the love and support.


P.S. I heart NYC!!!


Jan said...

sounds like you are very loved and have an incredible family, I wish you the best on your journey to NYC miracles do happen

Anonymous said...

We Love You.Be safe in NY and remember HOW MANY people are praying for you... Sending you hugs and Angels to help you. Love Aunt Laura