Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Update on Heading to NY

So Sean has an appointment on March 1 with Dr. Feldman and we'll be in New York City for the first week in March. That will give us enough time to meet with the doctor, have Sean undergo some preliminary testing, and begin on the study treatment. After this trip, Sean will have to go back to NY 2 weeks later, and again in another 2 weeks after that. I spoke with a representative from the Corporate Angels network and they are officially looking for a flight for the two of us. They can't guarantee a flight for us so we still have to make back-up commercial flight arrangements so keep it in your prayers that this program works for us. It's been my challenge this week to have Sean's medical records sent out to NY and to get the time I need off work. My job has been amazing through this entire ordeal though. I have a boss who is very supportive of all of the employees and so she's been very understanding about my need to be with Sean on this trip. I'm glad that I have a place to work at that doesn't hold situations outside of my control against me. That's all we really have to report right now. We should hear for sure whether or not we have a flight with Corporate Angels by the 18th or 19th so I'll probably post again around then to let everyone know what the update is. And we'll definitely update again after we meet with Dr. Feldman and during our week in New York. Thanks to everyone for all the support. We really appreciate it.



Anonymous said...

If there's any chance you can come out on Friday I we can get together with some forum folks.

Terry Holland said...

Karen and Sean, I pray that this initial treatment works for him and that it will get him to feel better. This is a good thing you doing this clinical trial. May the Lord be with you both as you travel to New York and be with Sean at he goes through this treatment. I pray that seats become available to you both on the plane to help out with that expense. Take care. I love you both. Auntie Terry. :o)

Anonymous said...

Love you Karen! Cant wait to hear how everything goes! You and Sean are in our prayers every night!

-Kim K