Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jeff's Thoughts & Feelings Folllowing Day 3 of Chemo

Kathy and I are trying to let him have as much time to himself as possible in the mornings with Karen before she leaves for work/school and then we sort of step in for the late morning shift if you know what I mean, so we didn't show up until around 10am or so with a snack/lunch (sandwiches/cookies/juices/water) which he seems to enjoy. The most interesting thing thus far has been his willingness/desire to be so positive even though today was difficult with the nausea. He's taking a nap on our upstairs bed (because RIO keeps trying to lick his face down on the sofa...she's very sweet and knows something is not right) after watching a movie that he picked out from the RedBox Video Rental. If I could only get $0.03 from each rental throughout the country from those crazy RedBoxes, I'd be a happy camper. Today's photo's were taken as we just finished his treatment and along with beating him "silly" at Yahtzee where Kathy got the both of us with 3 of the 4 games played.

He really enjoys reading your emails and now the blogsite, so please keep em' coming, but maybe a slight cut down on the phone calls because he needs to rest (Kathy speaking...) or in therapy...don't think for a minute that we're speaking for him because he loves all of your support, but his rest is so important!!!

Oh yeah, there's a fish tank right next to Sean's Recliner Chair that is so awesome and the fish are very soothing to watch after a while because you can lose your thoughts in them as they swim around....YES, there's even a Nemo and he likes to hang around the top looking for his dad.........

Gotta run, but thank you again from Kathy, Natalie, Stephanie, RIO and all rock!!!


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Anonymous said...

Jeff, I know this is hard for you to be away from your family right now but please remember that you are away working to help THEM...THEY LOVE YOU AND SO DO WE!!! All our love to you and your family, Laura