Monday, May 31, 2010

I love you, Sean


This morning at 12:51 am, my beloved Sean passed away from complications due to testicular cancer and leukemia. At the hospital, he received a brain CT scan that showed numerous and wide-spread lesions throughout his brain (mets from his testicular cancer) that had bled
(an issue that can be caused by low platelet counts-a symptom of leukemia) into his brain causing swelling. This came as a sudden and great shock to me and the rest of our families as we were only beginning to prepare ourselves to deal with the news he had just received on Friday. We truly thought we had more time.

Because of the bleeding that was going on in his brain, Sean's consciousness and coherency declined rapidly between late Saturday night and early Sunday morning. He wasn't making much sense when he would give me answers to the questions I would ask, but one thing amazes me. I was able to tell Sean that I love him once during the chaos of Sunday morning, and he looked at me with his bright blue eyes and I knew that he fully understood what that meant, and he was able to tell me that he loves me too. I'm so grateful that this was the last thing he was able to say to me.

The morning was extremely traumatic and he declined extremely fast. He was given a room in the Neuro ICU unit at IMC and had to be intubated in order to keep him breathing. He went from showing slight to sluggish responsiveness, to being completely unresponsive. The doctors told me that the swelling and bleeding in his brain was too devastating and he would not recover. They said that while he was not able to communicate to us, he could still hear us and they encouraged us to speak to him, even while he was in his coma.

We were very blessed to be visited in the hospital by Sean's family, and many many friends. After everyone had left late into the night, each of us in his family took at turn alone with him telling him our goodbyes, and early Monday morning, we took Sean off life support. He was so ready to go back home to our Lord in Heaven, and he died quickly, peacefully and pain-free after such a painful yet heroic battle with testicular cancer, surrounded by his family, and in my arms.

Our family takes peace in knowing that Sean is at peace now and is no longer in any pain. We are extremely saddened at the way this ended and wish we had just one more day with him. We know that he is in Heaven with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and is waiting to meet us all there someday.

There is an enormous hole in my soul that can only be filled by Sean. He is the love of my life, my best friend, my darling husband, and the father of my children. I will always love him--more and more each day. He is my soul-mate and perfect match, and I will love him in this life until the day I die and see him again in Heaven. His children will know what an amazing man their father was, and even though he never got to meet them in this life, we know that the power of God is endless and that all of his dreams are being fulfilled.

Please, when you remember Sean, remember his amazing strength of character, his loving and giving heart, and his adorably charismatic smile. Remember his sense of humor, and the love that flowed from him. Don't remember the pain that he went through for so long because that is no longer a part of who he is. Our families and I will miss him immensely, and will try each day to live for him. Please check back here by tomorrow for details on his funeral services. Thanks to everyone who followed him here on this blog. Everyone meant so much to him and he loved all of you.

I love you so much Honey, and I can't wait until we can be together again.

I love you

I love you

I love you



Anonymous said...

I am so very sorry!!!

May the lord watch over you all and keep you in His light.

We will miss Sean in the TC forum. He has shown us how to live and die with great dignity.

Much love and admiration,

CSA Subway said...

This is his friend Jim from Teamxbox and Gamertype. He will be missed. I will be keeping your family in my prayers. My deepest thoughts go out to you.

Sean was a great friend even though I didn't meet him in real life. He will always be in my heart.

Sean said...

My thoughts go out to you Karen , I knew Sean though xbox live and played with him a good 4 years , he was a great friend and a wonderful person. He talked about you with such wonderful regard. He truly loved you with all his heart and I know he wanted nothing more than to share life and live every bit of it with you.

I know that in my heart he is ok where he is in the afterlife. I believe in heaven and I know he is up there looking down .. finally at peace.

My prayers and thoughts go out to you , his family and anyone touched by this wonderful man.

God bless you.

SpaceGhost2K said...

This is Ed, also from TXB and Gamertype, Please, please know that we are devastated by this news, and that Sean's courage and humor reached farther than you can ever imagine.

Miss Megan said...

A beautiful tribute Karen. Sean will be remembered through your children, and I have no doubt in my mind he is holding them in Heaven. Peace and comfort to you at this time. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Though I never met him, he sounded and seemed like an amazing person. He will truely be missed throughout the gaming community, as many of us got to know him fairly well. I am glad he is at peace now. I'll continue to pray for you, and your family, and I wish for the best. Words cannot describe my sorrow right now.

Anonymous said...

Dear Karen and family,
I've never met Sean in person, but somehow just reading his posts, it feels like I know him. I could feel his love for you and his babies. I could also feel how strong he was fighting for time. He loved those babies soo much, and I strongly believe that he is with your babies right now. My heart goes out to you. Stay strong for those babies. One day you will all be together! No doubt about that! Also know that Sean will never be forgotten, and know that he has touched soo many people. Rest in Peace Sean!

Nick Smart said...

Rest in peace, Sean. Karen - may your faith sustain you. Kath and I send our love to you and all of Sean's family.

Nick (tc-cancer).

Jeannette said...

This is Jeannette aka Beanie from TXB, WCG and GT. I am very sorry for your profound loss and I hoped that there was still time and a treatment that would work. I'm sad that your children will never get to meet him in this life, but it makes me happy that HE knew THEM. Someday you'll all be together and complete again.

It's comforting to know that he isn't in any pain. I hope that everyone who knew and cared about him can at least take that away with them and find some peace.

You have a long and hard road in front of you, Karen, but I know that you are a strong woman and can shoulder it. Know that we are ALL here for support and I know that you two have amazing families that will be there to hold you up when you're so sad that you can't move. God bless Karen and family and wee little ones (that I will always secretly call Legolas and Frodo, haha, Sean sure loved THAT idea!) and every person who loved Sean. I might not have known him IRL but I sure did admire and respect him.

Tami Good said...

Karen my Dear,

My eyes are filled with tears and my heart is hurting for you. There is comfort in knowing that Sean is pain free and in the presence of our Heavenly Father. My prayers have been constant for you and they will not cease! You are an amazing and Godly young woman! I love you -

Aegletes said...

I've struggled with what to say, Karen, to convey just how much Sean has touched so many of us on the TC forum and how much I admire you and him for everything you've had to face and fight against. We all care, deeply.

Anonymous said...


I am so very sorry to hear of your loss and I am keeping you, your family, of your beautiful children in our prayers.


Anonymous said...


Sean has made a tremendous impact on so many. On the TC Forum he show strength and courage. More character than most facing what he had to face. Know that he will never be forgotten. I will continue to tell everyone I encounter about TC so that others may not have to suffer as you and Sean have.

You, Sean and the babies have had lots of people praying for you. We will continue to keep you in prayer. God bless you and the twins.

Mary Ann

Erin said...

I am absolutely devastated to hear this news. Please know the tremendous effect he had on so many. He was a great support for my husband Nick, who was able to meet you and Sean in Indianapolis. We are so thankful that the both of you have been so open about your experiences, you have touched so many. Your little ones have amazing parents. A warrior for a daddy.

As we continue on our journey, we will keep you in our hearts.

God bless you Karen,
God bless you Sean.

Erin Seaman

Anonymous said...

Dear Karen, I've read all the previous comments and there isn't anything left for me to say as it looks like everyone feels the same. I am one of the lucky ones to have known Sean IRL!!We are so very sad that it has had to end like this but, so relieved that Sean is in paradise and pain and cancer free!! You are amazing and the days ahead are going to be hard, stay to your faith and let God lead you. We love you!! Teresa

Anonymous said...

Karen, I know that there is nothing much I can say or do to heal your aching heart. But like I said before I will always be here for you! and I'm so glad that I got to talk and hug your amazing husband on friday.

Rob said...


You have my deepest sympathy and most heartfelt condolences. Sean was a hell of a guy and hearing the news this morning took the breath right out of me.

His friends from TXB and GT will remember him, fondly and I can say for certain that you have a little piece of all of our hearts.

And for Sean...God speed, brother. I'm going to miss you. Your strength and perseverance were an inspiration. May you finally get the peace and comfort you've deserved for a very, very long time.


Haley said...


I'm praying that you find peace and strength during this difficult time. No one can feel what you are going through right now, but I pray that God guide you thought this time with love and compassion from those how surround you everyday.

Lynnae said...

I am friends with Sean's parents and haven't seen him since he was a teenager. My sympathies go out to you and your little ones and the rest of Sean's family. May Heavenly Father give you peace at this time, now that he has taken Sean back up with Him. I'm sure Sean will send those little ones down from heaven with a kiss and hug from their daddy.

Anonymous said...

I didn't really know Sean personally, just thru his forum posts for at least 8 years, and the posts of his friends and others he gamed with.

Sean was always posting things that made me laugh.

He will truly be missed!

And kids, when you're old really did have one awesome Dad! You'd be really proud of how good of a person he was. strong! I'm so sorry!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Just another stranger who was deeply touched by Sean's brave struggle. I will never forget him, and I will honor his memory by donating to Dr. Einhorn's research in his name. I am so glad you were blessed with his children; Sean will live on through your memories and your children. My sincere sympathy to you and your family. Janine

Chris "cmstophe" M. said...

This is Chris, from TXB/WCG/GT. Sean touched more people than you could possibly know. That, along with you, and his children, will be his legacy. I cannot say anything that everybody here does not already know- that Sean was an amazing man who seemed to make friends easily and make people listen whenever he spoke (or typed, in my case).

RIP, Sean. You will be missed by so many people, I will miss our sports conversations and Lakers-hating and wish that I had gotten to know you more than I did. You truly are considered a friend not just by me, but that entire community. Love you, buddy. We'll meet again someday.

Anonymous said...

Karen, I'm so sorry.

I never met Sean personally but have followed his posts on the forum while travelling on my own TC journey. Despite the fact I never met him, I feel absolutely devastated by this news. The way he faced his cancer was just so inspiring to me.

I wish you all the best for you and the future kids. Even though Sean won't be around, they'll know that they had a dad of the first order.


Craig (base615 on

Anonymous said...


This is AJ Riley from the TXB, WCG forums. Sean is an exemplary Soul that will always be present in our hearts; especially during hard times for he taught us how to embrace darkness with a light of Love.

He loved you, loves you and will love you forever. His legacy remains timeless and his love will bless your path and ours until we are all reunited with our Father in Heaven.

God Bless you Karen for you gave Sean the gifts of Joy, true Love and fatherhood.

Our prayers, blessings and good vibes--as Sean would say, go with you.

Jonny said...

This is infam0uzj0nny from TXB -

Im saddened by this news and have had a small chance to get to know him a bit. God Bless him. RIP Brother.

Karen - Thoughts and Prayers are with you and your families.

Anonymous said...

This is Dutch from TXB and Gamertype. Sean was truly one of a kind. I have a lot of great memories of playing video games together with Sean over the past years.

Eventhough I never had the opportunity to meet him in 'real life', I've always considered him a 'real friend'.

I've always admired Sean for his sense of humor, his easy going nature, and his perserverance when facing tremendous personal difficulties. I feel fortunate to have known someone like him.

My deepest most heartfelt condolences. Both you and your children are in my prayers. He will be very much missed by all of us.

Anthony Murphy / Trajektory said...

This is Anthony / Trajektory from TeamXbox / Gamertyp.

I had entirely too much to say I posted up on his FB.

I miss you Sean. Like Josh said, most definitely you fit the mold of "true" friend. You always will be. Everything will be 100 chief, believe that. I hope to have even 10% of the strength, fight that you have.

Yourself, your wife, the kids, will always be in my thoughts. And I hate to do this to you, but you can be the ultimate 49er fan now... especially when we play the Raiders :)

Love you bro. I'll see you soon.

TheSwabbie said...


There are really no words except to say I AM SO SORRY. I lost my father last year and still am trying to deal with that crushing grief.

My sister Bambi and I have known and been friends with the Martella family for almost 40 years. Please accept our most sincere condolences. God DOES heal and comfort even when you dont feel Him there.

I truly PROMISE to continue to pray for the entire Martella family as this loss will be felt for a very long time.

Take care,

God's Blessing to you

Jim Speed

Dan said...


My name is Dan and I too knew Sean from online forums, and loved talking sports with him. He always came across as honest, intelligent, and funny. I know that he had a long, arduous fight with cancer, but his good spirits throughout it all were astounding. It is a credit to you and your families that he was able to remain so upbeat for so long, in the face of such an overwhelming fight. He was truly blessed to have you in his life.

My deepest condolences to you and the rest of Sean's family and friends.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I am shocked. I hate how much it hurts to loose someone you love soo much. I hate how life still goes on. I am soo very very sorry. Please know I care and am planning to go to the funeral and will see you there. I loved that you were able to say you loved each other. I will always be around if you ever need a shoulder. Emily

Anonymous said...

My mother is Liz Flitton (Wright) and she just wanted to express her grief and love to you all. She's always appreciated the Tenneys and the love they've given her and wants to give back her love as well. We cannot imagine what you're going through and we want you to take good care of yourselves and please do know that he's in a good place and that things do happen for a reason. God bless you all and you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Angie said...

My sister Abby told me about your loss. I am so very sorry. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Sean. May you be basked in infinite peace and love and watch over Karen and your beautiful children.Your Courage and pure love has absolutley imbued my heart, soul and spirit with love!



Jeff Martella said...


It has not been often for me to write on this blogsite, but tonight I feel compelled to say a few words to you and others who may be reading Sean's Blog soon.

Yes, he was loved, cherished, and addored by many and YES, he went through that can't even come close to comprehendng. The Lord has taken him to a more comfortable place to be with his twin girls for a little pre-mortal existance lesson or two. There is NO DOUBT in my mind or anyone else who attended to his needs the past 2 1/2 years that you (Karen the great) were the one to make it happen and keep his spirits up as he traveled from city to city for more testing. His life was and is still very precious to me as his father and I'm sure others as well.

He was such a good human being that we often overlooked how nice he handled others with the love of Christ. I will forever miss you pal, but I will also see you soon!

Love you Pal, POPS